Earth Hunter

Mankind, who struggled with corona pandemic problems starting from Wuhan, which we call global disaster today, and continuing his journey in the universe, survived by the first panic. Although many of the surrealist approaches they left behind are merciless, we need to know that humanity has passed into the digital age after the ages of new decades that a period that we can no longer return to the past … We share this successful transfer with you on this issue.

Let’s not deny that every institution is obliged to speak with this responsibility. You know that the journey we took started from the period when our magazine, which carries out social and mental health activities, contributes to the universe through art. While the same missions continue, we named an opportunity for this journey, which our content artists have transformed with this period … We have been renewed with a futuristic approach in this transformation of our professional transformation. Now, we all have more responsibility for the future. In this context, an article about our interview with bipolar artist Sema Maşkılı and his works is included in this issue.

The future anxiety that emerged when the digital age is said and reflected in the art productions of futurist thinkers has covered all humanity. The developments, which will accelerate and will take place exponentially, have taught us the fact that nature will destroy those who are in a state of panic, imprudence, and foe. In this issue, we will be introducing you bionic model Rebekah Marine, the first guest of this new approach.

Now, while you are isolated, you will have to do more than wash your hands and hide your soul at home… In this issue we prepared with this consciousness, every content we put into consideration, without ignoring the psychological effects, has always observed the positive energy. Without hiding… without loading it to someone else… without covering… Because we have entered a ten-year period in which we will deal with environmental and climate problems. For this, we will need correction rather than training. Technology is ready to be our efficiency in every field…

With art and health…

Editor Reborn

COVER Photo Credit: Stevie Chris, NY Bionic Model: Rebekah Marine Editor: Fatmagül Mutlu Creative Director: Reborntech

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